blogging with MS-Word using 2FA

 My dear friend Michael Cade has recently published a post describing how easy it is to post content directly from MS-Word to WordPress

Now i have posted on my Blog a short addition to his post, describing how to do that if you are using 2FA. WordPress allows for creating a dedicated application password for just this use-case

Apparently some internet users can't read Hebrew so my original post wasn't very helpful to Michel's audience therefore i'm reposting the relevant part of my post in English

Please note this is only relevant if you are using, not if you are self hosting. if anyone knows what is the process for setting this up self hosting WordPress please let me know and i will add it to the post

And onwards to the explanation itself

When logged into your account click on the little avatar icon

and then choose Security

Under Security go to the Two-Step Authentication tab

and click on Add new Application Password

that's it, you're done, you now have a dedicated application password you can use with Word, or any other application you may need to add, working around the need for 2FA


This is my first English post on a Hebrew blog so i'm having some technical issues, for example there is no (.) at the end of each sentence, i hope we can work past that and still be friends


Thank you everyone




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